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Yamaha Grizzly 660 Mods & Overrides

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GrizzHopperAni.gifCVT (Clutch) Maintenance and Clutch Kit Installation (Cleaning your clutch or installing a clutch kit.)

GrizzHopperAni.gifReverse Override 2002 - 2003

GrizzHopperAni.gifReverse Override 2004 - 2006 (several methods)

GrizzHopperAni.gifDiff-Lock Override 2002 - 2003

GrizzHopperAni.gifDiff-Lock Override 2004 - 2006

GrizzHopperAni.gifStart lockout Mod 2002 - 2006 - (start without pulling left hand brake)

GrizzHopperAni.gifShift lockout Mod 2002 - 2006 - (shift without using the rear brake)

GrizzHopperAni.gifRedneck Stuff

GrizzHopperAni.gifCooling fan override - (makes the fan run on command)

GrizzHopperAni.gifRear Hub Flip - (for those who just hate those stock axles)

GrizzHopperAni.gifPirelli Mudwiser tires - (testing and comparison to ITP 589's and Mud-Lite)

GrizzHopperAni.gifWolvHopper Wheelies

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Your Grizzly doesn't start in cold weather - This may help

Valve adjustment 2002 – 2006

Stock exhaust mod

Intake and air-box mods

Floorboard mods

Backup lights - (requires basic electronic skills)

Accessory lights mod - (turns them on automatically whenever you switch on the OEM high beams)

Stop the hour meter when in kill mode - (requires basic electronic skills)

Sputtering in water, moisture or Steam issues?

Inexpensive fender flares

Can't wheelie? Try this!


Plasma winch rope - (Amsteel Blue etc...)

Do you need Dielectric Grease?

Do-It-Yourself remote winch controller

Specs and tuning

Special Tools

The front diff

Rear winch mount

Creating and linking to a "Photo's" Web Page





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